Thursday, October 07, 2004

Just a thought

As I was listening to a report about the findings of the Iraq Survey Group, I learned that Saddam, despite having no WMD, had something far worse – he was harbouring thoughts of maybe actually getting some within the next decade or so – and a hoary old rugby joke came to mind.

At scrum after scrum, in this joke, the referee penalises a particular prop who maintains his innocence despite the whistling in his ears and mumbles throughout that the ref doesn’t understand the laws of scrummaging. The ref eventually gives him a final warning telling him he’ll be sent off if he says anything else. The prop reflects on this for a while, then says, ‘I know you can send me off for saying things, but can you send me off for thinking things?’ ‘No, of course not,’ says the ref, ‘why?’ ‘Well, I was just thinking,’ said the prop, ‘that you’re a rubbish referee.’